New TRACER 9 GT+ Sport Touring model from Yamaha


New TRACER 9 GT+ Sport Touring model from Yamaha

Ride at the cutting edge

Yamaha Sport Touring models give riders across the globe the chance to live their dreams and explore the roads of life whenever they feel the need to escape from the everyday realities. Whether it's a weekend break or an ambitious long distance tour, the TRACER 9 range has the performance, comfort and versatility to satisfy every rider's lust for travel.

The very special formula of a high-torque 890cc CP3 engine, lightweight aluminium chassis, natural ergonomics and a luggage-ready design makes sure that these bikes are ready to get up and go whenever required. 

Now Yamaha are ready to take the TRACER concept into an exciting new dimension with the most sophisticated Sport Tourer ever manufactured by the company. Building on the strengths of the existing models, the new TRACER 9 GT+ comes with a range of best-in-class technology that is designed to transform every ride by providing a previously unimaginable degree of versatility and control.

Featuring fully integrated cutting edge electronics including a millimetre wave radar, Adaptive Cruise Control, radar-linked Unified Brake System, electronic suspension and intelligent riding modes – as well as connected TFT instruments and fully integrated for Garmin navigation – the new TRACER 9 GT+ is ready to introduce a new era of control that will take the Sport Touring experience to the next level.


Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)

TRACER 9 GT+ is the first Yamaha to be equipped with Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), and this advanced new system offers all the advantages of cruise control together with the ability to automatically maintain a fixed distance from the vehicle ahead.

With a conventional cruise control system if the rider is getting closer to a vehicle in front, they need to deselect the system or apply their brakes – which automatically disengages the system. However, with the new ACC system an inbuilt millimetre wave radar constantly measures the distance from the vehicle immediately ahead of the TRACER 9 GT+. The ACC automatically controls cruising speed, deceleration and acceleration to suit the road situation as it evolves.

The ACC is adjustable, and when the machine is in motion its rider can select one of four different following distance options to suit their individual preferences, displayed as one bar for shortest following distance, and four bars for the longest following distance. ACC offers a number of advantages, including reducing rider fatigue by requiring fewer rider inputs, as well as ensuring improved ride quality by maintaining a constant following distance, and also promoting smooth traffic flow.

When the ACC system is active the new 7-inch TFT meter displays a green icon (with grey for standby) and shows between 1 and 4 white bars beneath a car icon to confirm the selected following distance. When the ACC determines that the rider is too close to the vehicle in front or if it senses that the machine's current acceleration/deceleration status will soon lead to the rider getting too close, rider intervention request icon appears on the meter to notify the rider that appropriate action is required to avoid following too close.

ACC operates between 30 km/h and 160 km/h – in 1st & 2nd gears from 30 km/h, in 3rd & 4th gears from 40 km/h, and in 5th & 6th gears from 50 km/h. Speed can be increased and decreased in either 1 km/h or 10 km/h increments by pushing once or holding down the adjustment switch. ACC is deactivated by braking or gripping the clutch lever for more than 1 second, or rolling forward the throttle twist grip, beyond the throttle stop.

This easy to understand ACC status is shown in all screen modes including navigation mode and provides an additional rider aid that is designed to enhance the riding experience, particularly on busy highways.


Additional ACC functions

As well as maintaining a pre-selected following distance, ACC also features 'cornering assist' whereby it inhibits speed increases when the system detects that the machine is cornering, and if the radar detects a vehicle ahead it will also limit the level of acceleration when following.

The ACC's 'passing assist' accelerates the TRACER 9 GT+ more smoothly than normal when it senses that the bike's flasher is turned on and the motorcycle is performing an overtaking manoeuvre.

ACC is also integrated with the engine, and electronic suspension, and in order to maintain the pre-selected distance to the vehicle ahead, the engine braking and brakes are activated – in that order – to slow the bike. At the same time the electronic suspension's damping force is adjusted to reduce excess pitching when brakes are applied to maintain chassis stability.

With its ability to intervene automatically and adjust levels of speed, throttle opening, engine braking, braking and suspension when following a vehicle – as well as when cornering and overtaking – the sophisticated ACC provides a natural and seamless riding experience. Used for the very first time on a Yamaha, this best-in-class electronic technology takes highway comfort to a whole new level.

The easy to operate ACC reduces the rider's mental and physical inputs and gives enhanced comfort and convenience for an unrivalled ride quality, making the TRACER 9 GT+ Yamaha's ultimate Sport Tourer.


Radar-linked front/rear assisted Unified Brake System

As the flagship model in Yamaha's Sport Touring line, the TRACER 9 GT+ has been chosen to debut a range of innovative new best-in-class technology – including the motorcycling world's first ever radar-linked Unified Brake System (UBS).

The new system is an active design that offers increased controllability by using data from the millimetre wave radar and the 6-axis IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) to assist and regulate front and rear braking forces, via the Bosch hydraulic unit that optimises control and bias of the braking system.

There are three main elements to the radar-linked Unified Brake System that operate only when the BC (Brake Control) is turned ON. Firstly, brake assist intervenes when the system detects that a collision is imminent. Secondly, front/rear brake assistance adjusts braking forces to both wheels for stable deceleration. And thirdly, cornering brake control automatically adjusts braking force to inhibit tyre slippage when the machine is leaned over.

The radar-linked, Unified Brake System constantly analyses following distance data from the millimetre wave radar. If the system calculates that the rider's braking inputs are insufficient to prevent a collision with the vehicle ahead it will increase brake pressure to the front and rear wheels to help slow the TRACER 9 GT+.

The previously described ACC system will also automatically slow the TRACER 9 GT+ when a pre-selected following distance is reached, but as soon as the rider applies the brakes the ACC is deactivated – and at this point the radar-linked Unified Brake System will intervene if it determines that the rider's braking inputs are not sufficient to prevent a collision.

The system provides additional braking assistance and will only intervene when the BC is turned ON and the rider is braking – it is not a collision avoidance system.  

The second element is the front/rear assisted Unified Brake System that adjusts front/rear braking force distribution. When only the front brake is used by the rider the hydraulic unit automatically applies braking force to the rear wheel, with the degree of intervention calculated using IMU data related to changes in acceleration and lean angle. When the only the rear brake is used the system will sometimes – but not always – apply additional braking force to the front wheel via the hydraulic unit depending on the brake pedal input and IMU data regarding the bike's attitude.

The third element is the cornering brake control. This is in effect a 'cornering brake control' system that takes into account machine running data from the IMU and instantly adjusts the rider's braking forces to inhibit tyre slippage.

The radar-linked Unified Brake System is linked to the electronic suspension, and as well as assisting and regulating front and rear braking forces it also adjusts front and rear suspension damping to maintain chassis stability. ABS always operates whether the BC is turned ON or OFF.


Millimetre wave radar

Both the new Adaptive Cruise Control and the radar-linked Unified Brake System use data from the new millimetre wave radar that detects the distance of the vehicle immediately ahead of the motorcycle. Weighing only 200g, this compact, integrated radar unit is situated behind a new protective cover at the front of the TRACER 9 GT+.


New 7-inch full colour TFT meter

TRACER 9 GT+ riders have a choice of three different screen themes with the new full-colour TFT high luminosity meter. Each screen theme is designed to convey a different feeling to suit different riding styles and varying personal preferences. With options giving a clean, contemporary look, a stripped down sports style with or a visual identity inspired by Yamaha's Jin-Ki Kanno development ideal, there is a visual theme to suit each rider.

In all three meter themes the Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) is featured prominently, enabling riders to instantly see the system's distance setting and selected cruising speed.


New smartphone connectivity

For an enriched riding experience smartphone connectivity comes as standard on the TRACER 9 GT+. A Communication Control Unit enables riders to link their smartphone with the machine using Yamaha's free MyRide app. The connection can be made via USB*, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth®, and once connected the rider can view information on incoming calls, emails and messages on the TFT instruments. Riders and passengers can also listen to music and respond to calls with a Bluetooth®-connected headset*, adding a new dimension to every ride, whether long distance touring or commuting to work.

TRACER 9 GT+ riders can also view a range of menus and functions using the new ergonomic controls on the left handlebar, and when the bike isn't moving its new high luminosity 7-inch TFT screen is able to display everything from weather reports to detailed notifications. 

*Not included with the TRACER 9 GT+.


New Garmin full-screen navigation capability

Garmin full-screen navigation can be easily installed, all the rider needs to do is connect their smartphone via the free MyRide app and download the Garmin Motorise app**. A full-screen navigation window can be opened on the connected TFT instruments, and the TRACER 9 GT+ rider can select from a choice of different types of routes – such as fastest, shortest, highway and more – and spoken turn-by-turn directions can be sent to a paired Bluetooth®-connected headset*. Map data is downloaded to the smartphone and so the rider can still access navigation even when the smartphone signal may be temporarily lost in certain locations.

Navigation functions include real time traffic, estimated time of arrival, and alternative routes to avoid congestion. Other useful functions are the distance that can be ridden with the remaining fuel, and real time updates display local weather information as well as the weather situation at the chosen destination, and a weekly weather forecast.

Garmin Motorise also includes rider alerts that provide information on potential hazards such as sharp bends – and prevailing speed limits are displayed. There's also a PhotoReal junction view that is automatically displayed in a split screen format when approaching a junction, giving information on the best lane to use for the next exit.

The Garmin Motorise app can be operated by a joystick and home button on the left handlebar while the machine is stationary – but the app is locked and cannot be operated when the motorcycle is moving.

*Not included with the TRACER 9 GT

 ** Garmin Motorise requires a subscription service agreement.


New 3rd generation quickshifter integrated with ACC

Unlike conventional cruise control systems which disengage when a rider uses the clutch or shifts gear, TRACER 9 GT+ riders can change gear using the new 3rd generation quickshifter even when the ACC is active.

This new cutting edge Sport Tourer is the first Yamaha to be equipped with the 3rd generation quickshifter that gives an even wider range of functionality by allowing clutchless downshifts when accelerating and clutchless upshifts when decelerating. For example, if the rider is cruising with ACC active at 100 km/h in 6th gear and is then automatically slowed by a car in front, the rider can downshift to suit the reduced riding speed without the ACC disengaging. Similarly, when cruising downhill with ACC in a lower gear the rider can shift up to reduce engine braking without losing ACC.

In order to retain a natural riding feeling the 3rd generation quickshifter will not operate in certain situations where engine rpm is extremely low or high, and also when the machine is neither accelerating nor decelerating. In these circumstances the quickshifter icon on the new TFT instrument meter will indicate whether or not the quickshifter can be used, and once the speed or rpm is changed the system will resume operation.


Integrated KYB electronically controlled 'KADS' semi-active suspension

The TRACER 9 GT+ is equipped with the most advanced electronic control technology to be found on any production Yamaha motorcycle, underlining Yamaha's commitment to the Sport Touring category. The new generation KADS (KYB Actimatic Damper System) electronically controlled suspension system has been developed jointly with KYB and is designed to provide exciting sports performance together with an extremely comfortable ride.

This fully integrated front and rear suspension system is governed by the 6-axis IMU which monitors various sensors and automatically adjusts the damping forces via the Hydraulic Unit (HU) and Suspension Control Unit (SCU). KADS can be set in Sport or Comfort mode and is able to adapt itself to a wide variety of riding styles by constantly adjusting damping forces to suit the prevailing riding conditions. By analysing IMU data including the bike's lean angle and acceleration, this sophisticated suspension system delivers a high quality ride with unmatched roadholding and elevated feelings, providing levels of confidence that confirm the TRACER 9 GT+ as Yamaha's ultimate Sport Tourer.

Like every other electronic system featured on this highly capable motorcycle, the KYB suspension is fully integrated to always ensure stable handling performance, and it operates in conjunction with the ACC, front/rear assist Unified Brake System, as well as the radar-linked Unified Brake System and brake control.

The electronically controlled suspension's handling characteristics are also affected by the Integrated riding modes selection, and damping settings are instantaneously adjusted via a solenoid to achieve a smooth and comfortable ride in a variety of load and riding conditions.


Integrated riding modes

TRACER 9 GT+ benefits from a refined D-Mode (the engine character selection) that is now fully integrated with the machine's 6-Axis IMU and comprehensive suite of lean-sensitive rider aids. Previously D-Mode (the engine character selection) has operated completely separately to the various electronically controlled rider aids which required individual adjustment.

This new system is more intuitive, being much easier to understand and use on-the-fly. The rider has the option to select one of four integrated riding modes options: 'Sport', 'Street', 'Rain' or 'Custom' – all of which now work in conjunction with the engine character selection (D-mode), the traction control, slide control, lift control and electronic suspension's damping control to ensure enhanced controllability in a wide variety of riding situations.

The 'Sport', 'Street' and 'Rain' selectable options feature embedded factory settings with different intervention levels to suit different conditions, and these pre-set modes have been developed by Yamaha's designers using feedback from test riders. The fourth 'Custom' option enables the rider to manually select their own intervention settings for the various electronically controlled rider aids, and save it as their tailored mode.


New ergonomic handlebar switch clusters

Newly designed handlebar switch assemblies employing a joystick and home button enable the rider to operate the wider range of functions, including smartphone connectivity and navigation. Both the right and left side clusters feature a clear, logical layout and simple design – and their ergonomic layout gives smooth thumb movement for easy and intuitive operation. The switch clusters are back-lit for easier identification and use in the dark.


Refined height-adjustable rider's seat and new seat cover material

The height adjustable rider's seat is upgraded with new padding and a revised shape for increased comfort. While a new leather-style cover is used to enhance the overall feeling of quality and pride of ownership of this flagship Sport Tourer. It's now a more comfortable and refined place to spend a long day's ride.


Larger diameter rear disc brake

For improved feel the rear brake diameter is increased by nearly 9% to 267mm, the rear caliper design is revised, and a new brake pedal as well as new clear smoke front and rear fluid reservoirs enhance the overall feeling of premium quality.


Detail changes

To accommodate its higher specification and give an even more refined riding experience and pride of ownership the TRACER 9 GT+ features various detail changes, including a new USB A outlet, a newly designed instrument panel bracket and revised windscreen stays. In addition, a new rear footbrake pedal bracket matches the new rear brake system.


Dedicated colouring and finishing

To underline its position as the most refined and desirable Yamaha Sport Tourer, the TRACER 9 GT+ is offered in two exclusive multi-toned colour schemes: Icon Performance and Power Grey. Both colourways employ a hand masked split-paint design to enhance the powerful body design and finshing quality.


EU5 890cc CP3 engine producing strong, linear torque

TRACER 9 GT+ is driven by Yamaha's highly acclaimed EU5 890cc CP3 engine that produces strong, linear torque, making this flagship Sport Tourer a remarkable performer whether touring through the Alps or commuting to the office. Equipped with Yamaha's Acceleration Position Sensor Grip (APSG) and Yamaha Chip Controlled throttle (YCC-T), this lightweight system eliminates the need for cables and pulleys and delivers superb response with a natural feeling.


Lightweight CF aluminium die-cast frame

The TRACER 9 GT+ features a wide range of Yamaha-exclusive technology, including the aluminium die-cast main frame that has been manufactured using the company's exclusive CF (Controlled Filling) system. This special system enables the construction of extremely light and strong frames with varying wall thicknesses – which gives an optimised rigidity balance for superior handling performance.

Unsprung weight is minimised with the use of a lightweight aluminium swinging arm, and the SpinForged wheels – also manufactured using a Yamaha-exclusive technology – not only help to enhance suspension action, but they also reduce the moment of inertia to make a significant contribution towards the machine's light and agile handling character.


Full LED lighting and cornering lights

Lighting is a full LED system, and Yamaha's sophisticated cornering lights are standard equipment on the TRACER 9 GT+. When the machine is travelling at 5 km/h or faster and the lean angle exceeds 7° the cornering lights automatically illuminate the inside of the turn – whether low or high beam is being used – giving a larger illuminated area of road


All-season riding comfort

Yamaha's premium Sport Tourer is designed for those riders who tend to ride all year and like to take on all kinds of riding, whenever and wherever. TRACER 9 GT+ is built to deliver all-season riding comfort and is equipped with a large 10-level adjustable windscreen as well as 10-stage adjustable grip heaters that make the longest ride more enjoyable. Yamaha also offer a Comfort Heated Seat as a Genuine Accessory – also with 10 selectable temperature levels.


Technical highlights

New and updated features

  • New Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)
  • New radar-linked front/rear assisted Unified Brake System (UBS)
  • New millimetre wave radar
  • New 7-inch full colour TFT meter instruments
  • New smartphone connectivity
  • New Garmin enabled full-screen navigation
  • Refined and integrated KYB electronically controlled suspension
  • New Communication Control Unit
  • New integrated riding modes
  • New ergonomic handlebar switch clusters
  • New USB A outlet
  • Refined height-adjustable rider's seat and new seat cover material
  • New clear smoke front/rear brake fluid reservoirs
  • Dedicated colouring and finishing
  • Refined sidecase mounts with damper system
  • New 3rd generation quickshifter for seamless acceleration
  • Larger diameter rear disc brake
  • Revised rear caliper, rear master cylinder and rear brake pedal

Continued features

  • EU5 890cc CP3 engine producing strong, linear torque
  • Ride-by-wire throttle with APSG and YCC-T
  • 6-Axis IMU plus lean-sensitive rider aids
  • Lightweight CF aluminium die-cast frame
  • Full LED lighting and cornering lights
  • Large 10-level adjustable windscreen
  • Grip heater:
  • Hard side cases
  • 3-case carrying capacity
  • Centre Stand
  • Genuine Accessory 34L and 45L top cases available


Price and availability

The TRACER 9 GT+ will be available at Yamaha dealers starting in May 2023. Please contact your national Yamaha press officer for more detailed information on the local price.



TRACER 9 GT+ is available in Icon Performance and Power Grey.




Completing the ultimate Sport Touring range

Yamaha's Sport Touring range is one of the most dynamic line ups available today, with a remarkably diverse selection of high specification CP3-powered models from the new TRACER 9 GT+ and new NIKEN through to the TRACER 9 GT and TRACER 9 – as well as the CP2-driven TRACER 7 GT and TRACER 7.

A common thread running through every model is the characterful and stimulating riding experience that comes with every Yamaha crossplane technology engine, whether it's the TRACER 9 & NIKEN models' 890cc CP3 or the TRACER 7 models' 690cc CP2.

By providing such a wide choice of 2 wheel and 3 wheel models covering the premium segment market, Yamaha offers every rider the opportunity to find the right model for every stage of their motorcycling journey.

Designed to deliver the same thrilling torque-rich performance and equipped with different specifications to suit the differing requirements of Europe's riders, TRACER 9 GT and TRACER 9 underline Yamaha's policy of building motorcycles that give everyone the chance to enjoy the wonderful world of Sport Touring.

For 2023 the TRACER 9 GT is available in two new colours and exhaust noise is homologated to 95dB.


Price and availability

The TRACER 9 GT and TRACER 9 will be available at Yamaha dealers starting in January 2023. Please contact your national Yamaha press officer for more detailed information on the local price.



TRACER 9 GT is newly available in Pure White as well as Midnight Black. TRACER 9 is available Redline as well as the newly introduced Midnight Black. 


MyRide app

MyRide must be downloaded before linking a smartphone to the TRACER 9 GT+. In addition to enabling smartphone connectivity and navigation, MyRide adds another dimension to every ride by tracking the route taken and recording distance covered, acceleration, top speed, elevation changes and much more.


Genuine Accessories

Yamaha's Genuine Accessories line includes a range of high quality parts for the TRACER 9 GT+, enabling owners to personalise their machine to match their lifestyle and individual priorities. With everything from top cases and billet levers through to Akrapovic performance exhausts and lightweight radiator guards and sump plates, it's easy to create a unique machine.

Yamaha also offer a range of CE-approved riding gear and casual leisure wear for male and female customers.

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